Our purpose

Standing up for first-time home buyers.

We have one goal

We created Nude to change an outdated home buying experience and a part of society that we thought was unfair. Let’s be honest, saving a home deposit is the Everest of financial goals. The steps to get there are difficult and fragmented. Nude guides you all the way, from saving the first £5 through to paying off your mortgage.

We believe in the right to own

In the UK, renting costs around 20% more than owning a home. Based on an average salary, that leaves renters around £6k per year worse off. We’re not saying it’s always the right decision to buy, but studies have found that renting can be more stressful. And nobody wants to age prematurely.

Our backstory

Nude was started by Crawford. Over the last few decades, he had seen first-hand the growing wealth imbalance between the generations and the inner workings of a complex and unfair financial system. He wanted to make the whole thing easier, faster, and fairer for young people. His previous role as an actuary and senior owning partner at Hymans Robertson LLP gave him the perfect maths and risk background to do something about it.

As a father, Crawford also knew the financial reality that most young people face when they enter the working world. So, in 2020, after spending most of his career helping older people save for retirement, he launched Nude to help young people who are starting out in life. He had the vision and the experience, but he needed a team to achieve Nude’s first goal: helping people save and buy a home.

Crawford on LinkedIn

Marty filled the millennial-shaped hole in the team. He started the sunglasses brand Tens, which came out of nowhere to smash 10,000 orders in their first month before receiving a personal investment from a fan of the brand, Sir Richard Branson. He also created the online radio station Poolside FM, which serves up tracks to over 300,000 listeners each year (including a few tech billionaires). Excited about building banking’s hottest brand, he joined the party as Chief Marketing Officer at Nude.

Marty on LinkedIn

Around the same time, Stephen came on-board as COO, bringing a solid financial and tech background to the table. He previously worked in a senior role at Hymans Robertson LLP, where he was CTO of Risk Modelling. He later led teams within RBS and the Student Loans Company to develop technology and processes to make the transition towards digital. Motivated by endless frustrations around innovation within finance, he wanted to make a difference and bring financial literacy to the younger generation.

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Kate previously worked in private practice in London specialising in the area of banking and finance and latterly advising on the provision of venture debt to innovative high growth tech businesses.

Kate returned to Scotland after taking part in the Saltire Fellowship, an entrepreneurial leadership program which involved spending time in San Francisco and Babson College in Boston.

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