What if saving for a home was easier?

Nude is a savings account and financial coach all wrapped up in an easy little app. We connect to your existing bank account to offer new insights, ideas and government bonuses to get your own home in record time.

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Nude makes saving effortless and accelerates your journey towards owning your own home.

See how much you need to save

Connect Nude to your bank account and we’ll suggest a savings goal for your first home. You can then refine this by exploring different options – it’s easy and rewarding.

Saving made easy

Nude will suggest a savings plan, work out how long it will take and open up a savings account – easy. If eligible, the savings account will be a new government plan that can reduce your time to buy by up to 20% - you’re ahead already.

Supercharge homeownership

Through insights and automation Nude will then help you buy your first home quicker - you can more than half the time. Once you're close, we can pre-approve a mortgage for you – making it easy for you.