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Want to join our mission and help change the way a generation manages their finances? We'd love to meet you.

Who we are — what we’re going to become.

We’re building a company which empowers financial wellbeing, fuelled by the desire to help people achieve their most important goals in life. That starts with helping people buy their first home – but it certainly doesn’t end there.

The right reasons

Our highly ambitious team aims to positively affect the lives of millions of users in the coming years. To do that, we've raised over £1.25m to recruit a founding team who care as much as we do.

Serious about culture

We want our team to have the time of their life, while doing the best work of their life. Why start a company if it's not a nice place to be?

In it together

Diverse teams create powerful ideas. We're creating an environment where anyone can thrive - no matter their background, pronouns, sexuality, race or religion.

In on the ground floor

Excited by the thought of joining a company in its early days? Do you have a burning desire for that startup buzz? Nude might just be the place for you.

Open positions.

We have the following roles available at our office in central Glasgow.

Software developers

We're looking for multiple .Net/C# and JavaScript developers to work on this very website, plus our apps for both iOS and Android.
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