Our story

We want to make a difference to the world we live in by making it fairer, easier and giving people more time to live their lives. We’re starting with one of the greatest social needs, helping people own their first home easier and faster.

Home ownership is falling, renting costs more than buying and 9 out of 10 millennials want to own a home. Millennials bear the burden of the past - it’s an unfair deal. Nude will change this.

With Nude you could get your home in less than half the time.

The science

How it works

Take Sophie as an example

Sophie wants a place to call her own and enjoy with her friends. She wants to be in control, start saving and stop paying a fortune in rent...

Deposit required

...but it’s difficult and takes time

Time to save

6 years 9 months
That’s a heck of a long time

Sophie can’t wait that long.

She wants her home faster.

Luckily, Sophie heard about Nude
Using Nude, Sophie bought her home in less than 3 years

Wow! She's now in control and investing for her future, rather than paying rent.

By getting into her home 3 years 10 months quicker

Sophie saved £16,000 in rent. Hell yeah!

Why Nude?

The type of company we create is important to us. We chose the name Nude to highlight that we will be fair and transparent in everything we do.